headshotWalt Rogers talks a lot about smaller, smarter government. It was this theme that carried him to victory in his 2010 campaign for Iowa House and his in his reelection in 2012.

Walt was born on the Fifth of July, 1961.  Some would say, “Wow, you just missed the Fourth.”  But in Walt’s mind, it’s not whether you declare freedom on some official day, it’s what you’re going to do about freedom the next day and the day after.

The 2010 election meant big changes for Iowa’s state government. Walt wasn’t the only new member of the Iowa House who had won by running on a small-government platform, but it was Walt’s concise theme – smaller, smarter government – that echoed over and over throughout the Capitol. And smaller, smarter government was exactly what the new Republican House of Representatives worked on.  Until the 2010 Republican takeover, Democrats had been spending more than the state was taking in, raiding trust funds and using one-time money to patch up the shortfalls. Working with Governor Branstad and House Republican leadership, Walt helped turn that around as a member of the Appropriations Committee; the state government is now running a surplus and the trust funds are full.

Walt’s leadership toward smaller, smarter government was noticed by his colleagues, who elected him as an Assistant Majority Leader during his first term and trusted him to manage some of the House’s toughest legislation, including a government transparency bill that had stalled in the legislature for seven years.

While Walt’s smaller, smarter government philosophy has helped put Iowa’s state government on the right track for the first time in years, the federal government is in worse shape than ever.

Spending is out of control, taxes are too high, and new regulations are strangling our economy. That’s why Walt believes it’s time to take smaller, smarter government to Washington, DC.

Walt saw firsthand the effects of high taxes and burdensome government during his time working with local businesses Rath Packing Company, Northland Products, and Mudd Advertising. And over the twenty years he spent working with youth and the Staff Management Team at the 2,000-attendee Orchard Hill Church in Cedar Falls, he watched one teenager after another mature into young adulthood, only to face higher and higher taxes and increasing burdens on their young families.  “I’ve seen the federal government grow relentlessly for years,” Walt emphasizes. “It’s time for a big change in Washington.”

Rogers is a nationally sought-after leadership consultant. His work through board memberships in Safe and Drug Free Committee, Alternatives Pregnancy Center, My Waterloo Days and Love Cedar Valley has honed his leadership skills and given him an appreciation for local grassroots efforts.

Rogers has a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from the University of Northern Iowa, where he competed on the track team.  He and his wife Jenny (Ridder) have three grown children and ten grandchildren.


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