endorse Nussle

Jim Nussle
Former Iowa Congressman/ White House Budget Director

"As both a former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a Congressman serving northeast Iowa who developed a reputation as a 'fiscal hawk,' I wholeheartedly endorse Walt Rogers. Walt's messge of 'smaller, smarter government' is exactly what's needed in Washington, DC and will represent his constituents' views quite well. Walt's a thoughtful conservative and one of the good guys; he will represent Iowa's First Congressional District with honor, intelligence, and integrity."

endorse Taulk

Tom Tauke
Former Iowa Congressman

“Walt Rogers is a true public servant.  He entered the arena for the right reasons: first, to protect our freedom by limiting the intrusion of government into our lives; and, second, to make government work for the people.  With his great track record as a State Representative, he’s demonstrated that he has what it takes to win in Northeast Iowa and then to represent Iowa effectively in Congress.  We should all thank him for running and really get behind him!"

endorse Santorum

Rick Santorum
Former U.S. Senator and 2012 presidential candidate

"Just as important as his personal qualities, there is no harder worker in public service than Walt Rogers, and I am convinced he will take this same work ethic to Congress with him.  Walt is not afraid to roll-up his sleeves and do the work necessary to benefit his constituents and our nation.  I can say without hesitation that he would be a terrific congressman to represent northeast Iowa.  I am all in, in support of Walt Rogers' candidacy, and I look forward to joining him on the campaign trail soon."

endorse Fisher

Representative Dean Fisher
R - Iowa House District 72

“I have endorsed Walt Rogers for the US House because I know he will be a strong supporter of Smaller, Smarter Government and fight for fiscal responsibility. Walt is a proven leader in the Iowa House and he will carry that leadership into Washington.”

endorse Moore Representative Brian Moore
R - Iowa House District 56
endorse pettingill

Representative Dawn Pettengill
R - Iowa House District 75

endorse Stanerson

Representative Quentin Stanerson
R - Iowa House District 95

"Walt has always been a confidant.  He is a true conservative, with fiscal and social convictions.  I believe that Walt would represent us well in Washington DC.  He is an Iowan that is grounded and listens to his constituents.  That is why I am endorsing Walt Rogers for Iowa’s First Congressional District."

endorse Maxwell Representative Dave Maxwell
R - Iowa House District 76
endorse Hager Former Representative Bob Hager
R - Former Iowa House District 16

endorse Horbach

Former Representative Lance Horbach
R - Former Iowa House District 40

“When Walt first was elected....I noticed an energetic, yet humble man, humble with the thought that he represented so many different Iowans and so many different issues. Walt spent his time learning, seeking information, I remember that most of all. Walt's conversations always had a purpose, his answers were always Iowa we call that "a straight talker". For that reason, when I looked at Walt, I saw a typical Iowan...a person who listens before he speaks, when he speaks his words are filled with purpose, and his solution provides straight answers. 

...and quite frankly, like many Iowan's...I'm looking for answers!”

endorse Rasmussen

Former Representative Dan Rasmussen
R - Former Iowa House District 23

"I endorse Walt Rogers for U.S. Congress. In all my years, this is only the second time I have ever publicly endorsed a candidate for any public office. Why would I endorse Walt Rogers? The answer is easy. I know him. I sat right next to him in the Iowa House chambers for two years. There are very few legislators who can match his work ethic and ability to work with others. He respects all people, even those who may not have the same viewpoint on an issue as he does. Walt Rogers is my choice and I hope he will be yours. Smaller, smarter government - that's what we need and that's Walt Rogers' motto!"

endorse Jenkins2 Former Representative Williard Jenkins
R - Former Iowa House District 24 
endorse Sinclair

State Senator Amy Sinclair
R - Iowa Senate District 14

“I am pleased to stand with Walt Rogers in his bid for the first congressional district. Walt has proven that he is a leader who can stand for our values, yet he will work to find common ground and get things done. Under his leadership, Iowa enacted sweeping education and property tax reform in spite of a divided legislature, from which all Iowans will benefit. Walt can take that ability to Washington and work hard for real change.”

endorse boettger State Senator Nancy Boettger
R - Iowa Senate District 9
endorse raecker2 Former Representative Scott Raecker
R - Iowa House District 63
endorse kaufman Former Representative Jeff Kaufmann
R - Iowa House District 79
endorse hanusa Representative Mary Ann Hanusa 
R - Iowa House District 16
endorese miller Representative Linda Miller
R - Iowa House District 94
endorse taylor Representative Rob Taylor
R - Iowa House District 44
endorse curly

Maj. General Evan "Curly" Hultman
Former Iowa Attorney General and District Attorney

"Walt Rogers is a dedicated public servant who can get things done. He has gained a reputation for being one of the hardest-working lawmakers in Iowa and will take that same dedication and commitment to Washington, DC."

endorse mchugh

Monica McHugh
Certified Public Accountant

"As a co-chair of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee I typically stay neutral until after the primary. However, when I heard Walt speak at our fall fundraiser I was instantly impressed with this ideas for smaller government. Walt is a leader willing to listen to his constituents."

endorse scotter

Joni Scotter
Prominent Republican Activist

"Walt fights for what is right and what is fair. Walt's common-sense approach to issues and his fiscal responsibility will bring smaller, smarter government to Washington."

endorse adkins

Chelle Adkins
Former GOP State Central Committee member

"Walt is one of the most accessible legislators in the Iowa House. He not only takes the time to listen to his constituents, but he delivers on his promises."

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